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Santa Clara Housing Advocates

We support low-barrier interim housing in our neighborhood

Share Your Support with Proposal Leaders and Decision Makers

Send an email to express your support and be included in the report of community engagement that will be shared with City Council and County Supervisors

City Contact:

County Contact:

City Council and County Supervisors will review community input and begin the decision process in late April 

Need help writing an email? Check out our template:


Proposal leaders have given us information about the process which will take place before this project is official. That process includes community engagement, City Council votes, County Supervisors votes, grant applications, planning and design sessions, and likely more. 

Share your support now as part of the community engagement phase

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With resources like grocery stores, convenience stores, parks, a hospital, and churches all within walking distance, the proposed location is ideal for a population that may not have access to personal transportation. Unhoused people are people, and people live in neighborhoods and participate in community.  We already have unhoused neighbors, and they should have full access to the community around them.



Helping people off the streets and into a sheltered option creates a safer environment for everyone. With integrated resources in the building, those needing help can access assistance before, during, and after what would otherwise become a public incident. Additionally, access to medical care associated with the facility will be vital considering the increasing number of unhoused older adults and people with chronic illnesses. It is illegal to discriminate based on disability, so those with mental illness and other disabilities will be able to benefit from the provided services

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Learning about and knowing people who have different life experiences is integral to building a solid community filled with compassion and empathy. Our neighbors, families, and children will have a chance to grow and learn by seeing and interacting with people who are different than themselves. This project will be a catalyst for parents to have important conversations with their kids about others in the community.


We are a group of neighbors, both homeowners and renters, who are supporting this project because we want to help the unhoused community around us. We live nearby, we vote and pay taxes here, and we would be proud to have an interim housing facility in our neighborhood. 

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More information on California's Project HomeKey and the status of Homelessness in the state and county.


We are in support of this project not just because we think this is the right thing to do, but because we know it is. Find studies, research, and reports supporting low-barrier interim housing like this project. Additional sources are linked within each of the Reasons pages, as well as over 100 sources listed on the Sources page.


Tuesday, April 25 

Details not yet announced

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